Field Museum Case Study

Conduct culture assessment in order to understand employee sentiment, work culture, and how to improve it further.

The Field Museum is located on Chicago’s Lake Michigan shore and was opened to the public in 1921. The museum aims to take its visitors on a journey across time that will help build and enable solutions that power a brighter future, rich in culture and nature. Since its opening in 1894, the museum’s collection has grown to about forty million specimens and artifacts.

There are more than 150 scientists with Field Museum that travel across the globe in search of answers to what was life like thousands and millions of years ago.

QuestionPro and consulting partner Human Workplaces worked directly with the museum’s Chief HR Officer and designed the below approach to overcome the problem statement.

  1. Measure the culture as it truly is
  2. Illuminate important culture patterns
  3. Align culture patterns with success
  4. Make targeted changes in the areas that will have the biggest impact
  5. Continue to measure progress and impact

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